2024 April Charity Pick: Team RWB

CS-1 Transportation Inc. is a strong believer in social responsibility by giving back to our community. Every month we donate $1 for every transaction to a charity selected by our teams.

The charity selected by our Accounting team this month is Team RWB

Transcontinental Run from Los Angeles, California to New York City, New York

3,000 miles over 40 days

“As both my running and social media presence developed I have done my best to share my journey but also inspire others to get up, engage in physical activity, and find their own positive outlets. The military and veteran communities are particularly prone to struggles with mental health due to the nature of everything they do and experience. Team RWB’s mission to enrich veteran’s lives helps us find purpose in sense of community and encourage and provide opportunities for everyone to engage in the power of physical activity while improving our mental health at the same time.” ~ Paul Johnson



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