2024 July Charity Pick: YMCA – Send A Kid To Camp

CS-1 Transportation Inc. is a strong believer in social responsibility by giving back to our community. Every month we donate $1 for every transaction to a charity selected by our teams.

The charity selected by our Continental team this month is YMCA – Send A Kid To Camp

One of our employee’s shared his experience from the YMCA…

“Growing up my dad experienced a brain injury. Programs such as Summer Camp gave my sister and I the opportunity to have positive experiences. It was a challenging time for my family, but having the support was important for not only myself and my sister, but for my mom to be able to work and my dad to have time to recover.”

The YMCA of Hamilton | Burlington | Brantford is a charitable organization that creates spaces to belong and promotes healthy living for people at all stages of life.

Across more than 120+ locations in Hamilton, Burlington, Brantford and Haliburton, they are a charity committed to promoting equity and improving the health and well-being of people of all backgrounds, abilities, including at-risk and marginalized members of our community.

From health and fitness programs, child care and camp, to employment and immigrant service programs and transitional housing, they are committed to supporting the broad determinants that influence the overall health of people in our communities.

Summer camp programs for children are extremely important and valuable for families. It helps children foster skills they might otherwise not have the opportunity to gain.

Skills such as various sports, art, teamwork, and water safety. It provides children a community where they can create life long relationships and memories. Families are provided with child care, and in some cases a safe place and somewhere to go for a nutritious meal for their children.

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