In March, our Accounting department selected the The Princess Margaret D.I.Y. to Conquer Cancer

The Princess Margaret has the expertise to treat over 200 types of cancers including the rarest forms of the disease and it is home to the largest clinical trials program in Canada.  The radiation medicine program is the largest under one roof, and the surgical oncology program is the most comprehensive program in the country. Each and every patient is treated with a multi-faceted, integrated approach to care that focuses on their own unique needs.

With D.I.Y., you can support life-saving research by creating your own personal cancer fundraiser. From craft sales and cooking, to hosting your own event and creating a fundraising page in honour of a loved one, your ideas and efforts are always welcome and they will make a difference.

Our Account Manager, Silvia is participating in the DIY Challenge to raise crucial funds and support the life-saving cancer research being done at the Princess Margaret Cancer Center.  She wanted there to be a purpose for her “fun” run, so she chose to do this for the Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto. This is called a DIY Challenge since there are no “official” runs for distance, specific times, or a finishing medals.

Silvia has decided to run 100km in one day to support this cause.

Her  mom was a patient at The Princess Margaret Hospital, just over 25 years ago, through a program called “Look Good, Feel Better”. This made a world of a difference to her mom about how she was feeling about herself during her time there.  They were grateful for this special program that was offered to their patients.

When you sign up for this cause you are able to chose the department you want your funds to go and Silvia chose Patient Support.  This will help set up and offer programs like this, which brought some joy to her mom during that time.

Silvia is very thankful to Steve Cooper & everyone at CS-1 for their generosity for helping her reach her goal before the end of September.

Anyone wanting to donate can by clicking HERE

If you have any questions or know of a charity CS-1 Transportation should support, please reach out to your sales representative.

View a list of charities CS-1 Transportation has supported by clicking HERE



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