July Donations – Children’s Miracle Network

Every month we randomly choose a department within the Company to select a charity for donation.

In July, our customer service team unanimously selectedChildren’s Miracle Network

“CS-1 Transportation is a family run business. A majority of us have children so when our team was asked which charity did we want the company to donate to this month? The answer was simple, Children’s Miracle Network” ~ Esther, Customer Service Manager

Children’s Miracle Network is dedicated to supporting children’s hospitals all across Canada.

Through increasing awareness for the need of funding for children’s hospitals in Canada, they are aiming to change kids’ health.  Every dollar raised through Children’s Miracle Network programs is donated.

Some of the exciting campaigns are:

Walmart Spring Campaign (May 12 to June 5)

Costco 2023 (May 1st to June 4th)

RONA Spring Campaign (March 27th to April 28th)

Your donation matters

Every time you donate to a Children’s Miracle Network program, you are helping improve or save the lives of children in your community – whether it’s your child, a child you know, or your neighbours. If you see a fundraising event, you can donate knowing that every dollar will change the future of children’s health care. You can also donate online through the button below


Every dollar raised by donors like you goes directly to your children’s hospital foundation of choice. By helping change the health of children, you are helping change the future health of Canada.

Your donation will:

  • Revolutionize treatment and care through research
  • Create healing environments for kids and their families
  • Provide the right care in the right place at the right time

Thank you for doing what’s right for the kids.



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